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Any modern business is dependent on communication, whether it is for operational security, data transfer or just basic email communication. There is no reason why you should not be always online. At KNL Networks, we utilize the latest software-defined and cognitive radio technologies to help you stay connected, whether you are in the middle of an ocean or in a remote location in Africa, Asia or South America. Our novel solution allows us to provide you with the best user experience – improved availability, reliability and security. 



KNL Networks' communication system relies on short wave radio transmissions, allowing data to be transmitted over thousands of kilometers. The CNHF radio system (which stands for Cognitive Networked HF) is the masterpiece of our engineering, technologically advanced and easy to use. It is secure, reliable and always online – the only thing you need to do is switch it on.

Uusi device

At Sea

  • HF Radio provides global coverage
  • Built for IoT data and email
  • Military-grade cybersecurity
  • Always-on connection
At Sea
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At port

  • Up to 3G speeds
  • Range up to 30k from the coast
  • Coverage in over 150 countries
  • Links other KNL radios to the internet
At port
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October, Tuesday

PRESS RELEASE 3. October 2017: Finnish maritime innovators Fleetrange and KNL Networks have successfully pioneered in providing cost-efficient Arctic situational awareness using a unique combination of IoT, Cloud and 3G/HF hybrid telecommunications technology. The solution includes up-to-date weather-, ice-, ship tracking and sensor data and...

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September, Monday

We've seen firsthand how better access to data leads to better outcomes for the shipping industry. That's why we're proud to be working with Klaveness, who we see as one of the most forward-thinking shipping companies when it comes to...

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September, Friday

We invite you to join us 29 Sep 2017 from 2.00pm to 6.00pm at the Marina at Keppel Bay in Singapore for Disruptive Communication Discovery Day.

Hosted by our partners in Singapore, Jason Marine, we'll be...

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