CNHF radio system

The CNHF radio system is the masterpiece of our engineering. Technologically advanced and easy to use. It is secure, reliable and always online – the only thing you need to do is switch it on. 

Cognitive networked HF system

The CNHF radio may be the most advanced radio device manufactured so far in the history of mankind. It utilizes the latest cognitive radio and software radio features. A fully digital approach guarantees an outstanding performance.

The CNHF radio system operates digitally in its entirety, providing optimized performance for demanding communication needs. Standard IPv6 or IPv4 Ethernet connection allows easy integration to the user's existing IT systems. 

When conducting data transmissions with CNHF, a dedicated link is always established for the end user, so the data rate is not divided between users as it is in Satcom. This enables an exceptional quality of service and most of applications except very high quality video streaming.

The radio device fulfills the maritime, vehicle and industrial standards to be used on demanding user environments. It has a 24 months warranty.

Installing and operating the system is easy. After installing a standard broadband HF antenna, the additional 3G cellular and GPS -antennas, mounting the radio to a 19” rack and connecting the power socket, a guided first-time installation procedure will take the user through the setup process.

All CNHF devices can be controlled, updated and managed remotely. The system requires no dedicated maintenance or a radio operator. This allows users to concentrate on utilizing the communication instead of operating the radio device.

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