The missing link in maritime communications.

Inside KNL's innovative solution for terrestrial communications.



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KNL Networks' radio is in a class of its own.

Since 2011 we started with a simple idea: that every modern business should be online, wherever in the world it operates. We've poured years of research and development to build the The Cognitive Networked HF (CNHF) radio, and we truly consider it a masterpiece of our engineering. It's a flexible, secure, and reliable communication solution, all while being simple to operate.

The world's most advanced radio technology

At sea or in remote areas, the KNL Radio uses the High-Frequency band for long distance communication. While the frequencies used for mobile phone and FM radio rely on line-of-sight propagation, HF is a unique spectrum that bounces off the ionosphere, allowing for long distance data communication over tens of thousands of kilometers.

KNL uses its patented CNHF technology to take full advantage of the HF band and to uniquely solve the unique challenges in data speed an reliability when operating on the HF band. If the HF frequency KNL is operating on becomes congested, our cognitive radios quickly and automatically jump to a free frequency, optimized for each radio's geographical location. 


The Mesh Network

Each KNL System is part of a worldwide network of KNL Radios, which can act either as a terminal or a base station, depending on it's status or location.

At sea or in remote areas, the KNL Radio uses the High-Frequency band to connect automatically to another KNL radio that has an internet connection. Nearshore, the KNL radio is connected to the internet through cellular data with up to 3G speeds in 150 countries. Put simply, the ships nearshore support the ships at sea. 


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