Any modern society is dependent on communication, whether it is for operational security, data transfer or just basic email communication. There is no reason why you should not be online, always.

Surprisingly, communication doesn’t exist in many areas around the globe. In the regions with satellite communication coverage, the data bandwidth is often so crowded that existing applications suffer from bad service quality. If you operate in a remote location in Asia, Africa, South America, the Arctic region, or anywhere in the ocean, you know the problem. The lack of communication is putting your business on hold.

At KNL Networks, we utilize the latest software-defined radio and cognitive radio technologies to help you stay connected. Our long-range communication system is the only alternative to satellite communication. The novel solution combines the traditional high frequency (HF) terrestrial radio system with the latest cognitive and software radio technologies, allowing us to provide you with the best user experience – improved availability, reliability and security. 

Traditionally, the terrestrial long-range communication systems have only been capable of analogue voice or very slow audio data modem communications that do not fulfill the communication needs of a modern business. KNL’s communication system relies on short wave radio transmissions, allowing data to be transmitted over thousands of kilometers. By combining the very latest cognitive software radio technologies with the completely re-invented HF-radio system, KNL is capable of providing IP-based communications over traditional radio waves.

KNL’s communication system can be seen as an enabler for new applications that could provide savings in operating costs, increase operational security and open up totally new business opportunities.