Ships sailing the seas, oil and gas fields on remote locations, and research activities on the South Pole - all these operations require reliable and secure long-range communications.

Global coverage

The Cognitive Networked HF (CNHF) radio system is the masterpiece of our engineering. It is secure, reliable and always online. It operates on high-frequency band, enabling long-distance communication and global coverage. Whether you are in the middle of an ocean, or in a remote location in Africa, Asia or South America - you stay connected.

The latest software-defined and cognitive radio technologies push the quality and reliability of the service to a totally new level comparing to alternative solutions.


Decreased costs

KNL’s communication system can be seen as an enabler for new applications that could provide savings in operating costs, increase operational security and open up totally new business opportunities. In addition to savings in telecommunication costs, our clients in maritime can benefit from better steaming and route optimization with real-time global data. With KNL Networks, fuel costs decrease dramatically - the yearly usage of our radio system can be paid back in one month's time. The remaining eleven months are your profit.

At the same time, the CNHF radio system enables you to optimise the maintenance costs and reduce the downtime. It can operate in parallel with the easy-to-jam Satcom, providing you with additional security. The traffic in the CNHF radio system is encrypted - not only the transferred data, but all the system information as well.


24/7 Service

We are always there to provide you with the best service. We operate the network and provide our clients with the best quality of service. Network control is maintained 24/7, and all the operations take place in Finland.

The CNHF radio acts as a terminal or a base station, depending on the status and location of the user. When a user is lacking cellular or LAN connection, the radio operates as a terminal providing services to the user. While connected to the Internet, the radio switches to base station mode for offering communication to other users as well, still maintaining terminal role for the end user.

Taking into account the reliability, security, global coverage and exceptional service of KNL Networks – all in one package – our solution is something no one else can offer.

Please contact us for a data sheet and a detailed concept.