You need an efficient maritime data strategy. 

KNL puts your ships' real-time data at your fingertips.
At a fraction of the cost of satellite. 

Plug into the Industrial Internet at sea. 

We’ve seen firsthand how better access to data leads to better outcomes for the shipping industry. That’s why we’ve developed the KNL Radio for global data communication. With cost-effective plans that give you unlimited access, KNL is perfect for email, IoT, and M2M communication at sea, and fast internet access at port. 


One box, multiple solutions:

You and your vendors will love KNL

There's massive value in big data - but you shouldn't have to be the one to bear the cost. This winter we're launching a smart solution to solve one of the biggest headaches in the shipping industry: "Who's going to pay for the data". It's part of our mission to bring simplicity and clarity to maritime communications.



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